Relationship Coaching

As everyone knows relationships in the great cosmopolitan metropolis of New York are difficult. On good days. On bad days they appear to be impossible.

Do you know what the dating rules are? Are they the same as the relationship rules? What if there are no rules? Should you simply let spontaneity be your guide? Should you wear your heart on your sleeve or on your vest? Why not be open and honest, straightforward… and sit back hoping for the best?

If you do, the chances are good that you will find yourself saddled with a series of unsatisfying relationships. You will be spending an inordinate amount of time wondering why you are not being rewarded for your openness and honesty.

Many people have felt that they need help navigating the New York dating scene. And many people who are good at dating or even hooking-up have discovered that this does not immediately translate into being good at relationships.

  • Coaching will show you why openness and honesty rarely lead to true love. It will teach you what to disclose and when to disclose it. And it will teach you which secrets to keep and which ones to share.
  • Coaching will teach you how to read cues, how to understand what the other person is trying to tell you, and how to know what you are communicating with your words, your actions, and your gestures.
  • Coaching will show you the different behaviors that you need to adapt when you are with a date, a lover, or a mate. It will show you how to conduct yourself in these different circumstances without compromising yourself.
  • Coaching will show you how to take your time getting to know the other person. It will explain the things you ought to be saying and the things that you should never be saying.
  • Coaching will show you how to negotiate conflicts, and how to solve dilemmas so that everyone feels good about the solution.
  • Coaching will help you to know what is too fast and what is too slow.
  • Coaching will show you what to do if your parents and friends do not accept your choice of a partner.