What can coaching do for you?

Coaching is about problem-solving, but also problem-avoidance. It’s less about getting out of trouble than about keeping out of trouble.

Whether the problem concerns a complex business relationship or a difficult love affair or a marriage that has lost its spark‚ coaching will address the specific problem and offer ways to solve it.

You may be a business executive needing help in managing your staff or you may be a college student wanting to learn how to conduct yourself in a new social environment.

Coaching is about the “how,” not the “why.” It works to teach you “how” to make it work; not to figure out why it doesn’t.

Coaching is not about fulfilling your spiritual potential or showing you how to get in touch with your inner toddler. It will direct you away from a life of psychodrama and toward a life where you consistently act with dignity and self-respect.

Coaching will show you…

  • How to act respectfully to others, and how to act as though you respect yourself.
  • How to take responsibility when you need to, and not to when you don’t.
  • How to bring out the best… in yourself, your friends, and your colleagues.
  • How to do the right thing… even when it is not your heart’s desire.
  • How to organize a life with too many duties and responsibilities… to self, to career, and to family.
  • How to solve dilemmas when there seems to be no good option.
  • How to reciprocate… and when not to.
  • How to deal with offensive behavior… your own and that of other people.
  • When and how should you apologize, and when should you expect an apology from others? When and how should you make amends?
  • When and how should you defend yourself when others are rude and insulting?
  • How to avoid dramatic confrontations by learning how to negotiate everyday personal disputes.
  • How to avoid giving offense? How to save face… not just your own.
  • How to adapt to a diverse culture like New York City where you are not quite sure what the rules are.
  • How to navigate the treacherous New York dating scene.
  • How to sustain a relationship beyond the six-month honeymoon period.
  • How to conduct yourself… when you are leading and when you are following.
  • How to have the right demeanor…on a date, in an interview, on a client call, at a dinner party. How to behave…with clients, staff, friends, family, waiters, and taxi drivers?
  • How to manage your public persona… in your blog, on your webpage, in your Facebook and MySpace profiles? How much should you reveal, when, and to whom?
  • How not to think that you are your persona.