Lecture and Seminar Offerings

Stuart Schneiderman has extensive experience in lecturing on a variety of topics and is available for corporate and educational seminars and lectures. Companies and universities may choose from the topics below or suggest others that are more relevant to their needs.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

With a special emphasis on conflict avoidance. After all, negotiation is about avoiding conflict and producing group harmony. The work will suggest ways to improve human interactions… within a company and with external clients and customers. It will then consider the several ways to resolve conflict with minimal damage.

Saving Face

What does it really mean: to save face? The topic is of Oriental origin. In China it is an essential aspect of human relations and even of political life. American culture does not respect the effort to save face. It considers “face” to be a triumph of surface appearances. It wants us all to believe that “face” aims at the superficial, to the detriment of the emotional depths that American culture seems to prize. This talk will ask what face is, whether it matters, and whether you should care?

Had Enough Therapy?

Why is therapy going out of fashion? Has it overstayed its welcome, exhausted everyone’s patience, or been proven ineffective? Why are people increasingly consulting with coaches and trainers instead of going into psychotherapy?

Is Psychoanalysis Over?

Psychoanalysis is no longer a treatment of choice or a leading intellectual discipline. Is it in hibernation, awaiting its rediscovery by a new generation of thinkers and clinicians? Or, is it like the phoenix that is ready to arise from the ashes? Or has it simply passed on, like any one of a number of our other intellectual follies? Have we gained or lost by its passing?

Shame or Guilt?

Thanks to Ruth Benedict and others these two emotions have become the key words that distinguish two different cultures. Beyond issues of how they are to be distinguished, the talk will concern itself with how we can deal with both of them. We will recall the psychoanalyst Helen Block Lewis who famously observed that patients who had completed psychoanalysis were largely unprepared to deal with shame.

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